Kitty Li
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Kitty has spent her whole life trying to find her identity.  More recently Kitty has come to the realization that identities cannot be found, or rather they are formed, molded, shaped. Fact: she never gives the barista her real name at Starbucks. Every morning when she goes to get her coffee—  she uses a different name. Usually people try on things like clothes before they buy them. Kitty tries on names, personas and mannerisms before adopting them. Kitty is odd- and not in a cute, off-beat way. That's Zoey Daschanel. 

Kitty uses writing as a form of self discovery and reflection. Most of her creative and non-fiction writing pertain to love, dating, and intimacy or lack thereof. It follows that the two—that is, personal relationships and self discovery are, for the most part, mutually inclusive. Fact: Kitty has kept a journal since 4th grade. Pursuant to her 4th grade journal, her first boyfriend was a Vietnamese 5th grader named Marcus, who promised to love her forever and give her a bunny. They broke up when she caught Marcus making the same promise to every other girl in the class. Ironically her first relationship would set the tone for many others that followed— into her teens, college, and now. 

Kitty has always been fascinated with grey areas. Rap music, sex, drugs, sleep overs — among other things, were what her traditional Chinese parents forbid her to involve herself with, and understandably so. Except for sleep overs, she never understood why she couldn't attend them —not that she was ever really invited. Her strict upbringing seemed only to fuel her curiosity for these things. Fact, Kitty sold weed in college and worked as a cocktail waitress in various strip clubs. All done under the guise of making ends meet as a "poor college student". But really, she just wanted to be a badass. 

Kitty hates writing bios and is the most judgemental person she knows. Fact: she is hating herself right now as she clacks away on her keyboard, writing this ridiculous, self indulgent introduction. 




At a Glance

Call Me: Kat or Kitty 

Ethnicity: Chinese

Languages: Mandarin, English

Education/Alma Mater: Emory University, Economics/Chinese Language Studies

Based in: Los Angeles

Industry: Cannabis

Age: Old enough to get arrested if we have sex and you're under 18 . (in CA)

Usually I am:  Plugged in on my computer with Netflix playing on my projector in the background