Response to Anna Akana's Video about White Guys with Yellow Fever

I was having a hard time finding something to talk about for my first blog entry, so I googled “what asian girls blog about.” Whatever shuddup, originality is so overrated. That’s when I found a video by Anna Akana titled “Why Guys Like Asian Girls.” Yeesh, this girl is angry. This is her video. 

Damnit, I really tried to find an ugly screen cap of her because I want her to look just as annoying as she sounds, but it's impossible because this girl is actually fucking gorgoeous. 

Anyway It’s only a 2 minute rant, but she manages to cram it with a lot of false assumptions, unnecessary name calling, and logical fallacies. At first, I was like Oh shit, this girl’s a hilarious troll. And then at the end, I was like, Just kidding, she just needs to get laid. But actually it’s not even that because she doesn’t really even seem uptight, but her logic is just like, fucked. I know that’s not the most sophisticated way of putting it, but it really does a good job of describing Anna’s lunatic, social justice warrior stance on why white guys like asian girls. 

And you’re probably like, shuddap Asian girl who probably dates white guys. Well, you’re half right, I have dated white guys. But honestly, I prefer dating asian guys- GASP, yes I do have a preference. COME SPANK ME ANNA, FOR BEING A DIRTY DIRTY ASIAN-PHILE. Anyway, that's another blog entry. But seriously guys, I felt the need to address this angry, smart-looking lady’s video. It was just so ridiculous that I felt like a response from a less angry, and more amused Asian girl was necessary. 

In the beginning she says that men who have yellow fever only see Asian girls as stereotypical sex objects like school girls and geishas. Well, Anna, don’t you think it’s a little fucked up of yourself to make that assumption? Maybe Asian girls have unique and differentiating qualities that make them exclusively more desirable to some guys. Okay, fetishizing asian women is still a little meh- weird. But it’s really not that sinister and perverse.  

And then she complains about how white men learn Asian languages and insist on talking in them. HOW FUCKING DARE THEY LEARN AN IMPOSSIBLY HARD LANGUAGE AND ACTUALLY USE IT? 

Ironically, I came across this video in an article named “8 Lady Video Bloggers Who Make the Internet A Better Place.” That’s pretty scary because that means there’s like a whole community of annoying, self righteous SJWs who spout nonsense and call it feminism. 

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